Kitchen Descriptions

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A “kitchen,” commonly thought of as “a room for preparing and cooking food,” is anything but a simple room at Seafood R’evolution. In fact, the heart of the restaurant is “Culinary Theater.” Chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto place the guest in the epicenter of activity. The exposed kitchen stretches across the main dining rooms and can be seen from all angles of the restaurant, allowing guests to view the preparation of the meal right before their eyes.  It is from here that creativity, inspiration, collaboration and innovation emerge.

Under the helm of chefs John Folse and Rick Tramonto, Seafood R’evolution’s kitchen services the nine distinct dining areas that make up the restaurant. In addition to working with distinguished architects and interior designers for the front-of-house spaces, creating a workspace equipped to service the complex and challenging needs of the culinary team was a top priority in building Seafood R’evolution.

From best-possible station layouts to customized equipment to a “R’evolution Blue” custom Jade Kitchen Suite, chefs Folse and Tramonto worked closely with the developers to create the ultimate cooking space and nerve center for culinary operations. Not an ordinary kitchen by any stretch, the comprehensive collection of equipment assets that make up the kitchen at Seafood R’evolution allow the culinary staff to create the distinguished cuisine encompassed in the ever-changing menus at the restaurant.

Seafood R'evolution Fresh Produce
John Folse and Rick Tramanto
Seafood R'evolution Kitchen

Customized equipment is a key factor in helping to support the culinary processes of the chefs. Walk-in coolers are lined with decorative floor tiles and glass doors to make finding and storing product more efficient.  Layout is also significant – the location of each station is designed to create a harmonious and efficient workflow for the bustling kitchen team. Kitchen “toys” and adjustable shelving units also add to the one-of-a-kind appeal of the space. Unique kitchen features include the Beech Wood Burning Stove and the J&R Wood-fired Grill. The bank of Jade cooking equipment includes four (6-top) ranges with convection ovens, a convection steamer and plancha.  There is a high-speed broiler to cook steaks at 800˚F; a bank of four fryers; tilt skillet; four steam kettles; and a Viking smoker, the source of the restaurant’s extensive charcuterie program, as well as a variety of other house smoked and cured offerings. Each of the 10 individual workstations is equipped with custom refrigeration.  The raw bar features 13-feet of fresh fish and seafood on ice, not to mention the shucking table, butcher table, fish cutting table and overhead viewing mirror. The pastry kitchen is equipped with a Paco Jet and a Taylor ice cream machine along with granite countertops, marble table for chocolate and pastry work as well as a wooden bread and pasta bench.

If the kitchen is not enough to wow you, check out the wall murals by Graham Menage, which pay homage to Mississippi’s Gulf Coast seafood industry.  Step inside the temperature-controlled, glass wine cellar with automatic sliding doors.  Perhaps the captivating feature for you will be the bar with its 150-year-old pirogue and buoy chandeliers made of glass.  Glass art table centerpieces, purse stools, custom bathrooms:  there is something to dazzle everyone at Seafood R’evolution.